Monday, August 28, 2006

Who's left?

On Sunday, Chi and I went on a 10-mile hike. Short legs and chubby thighs aren't a good combination when you want to walk fast uphill. I am proud to say we finished in less than 3 and 1/2 hours. I was exhausted in the evening and barely woke up this morning. (Can't believe I'm going to the gym after work today. :p)

Much of the conversation was spent discussing Chi's new beau. They met on Hrmny and have now been on four dates. It's going well; they've agreed to only see each other. She sounds very comfortable with him.

Prior to meeting Juan, her sister had arranged for her to meet up with some single guy friends of hers who live in the Southeast and are visiting for Labor Day weekend. She still plans to be a polite host, although the original purpose of possibly hooking up in a moot point.

Chi is now recruiting her single girlfriends to join her since the tourist group consists of four guys and a woman. We'll meet up with them for dinner and drinks one night on the weekend.

"I think Mae is out of town. I sent an e-mail to Ing but she hasn't responded."

"Do you have any single friends you want to invite?"

[pause... thinking...]"No, the only person I would invite is moving next week."

Crap! All I could think to myself was how all my female friends are spoken for. I mean, man, I'm all alone now? Sh is leaving (temporarily). Chi, Suna, Is, Jew, and Rine are all steadily dating. Hoku, Em, and Pisces are recently married. C3, Nvy, and Hula have been married for years. Even amongest many of the blogs I read, people have a boy. Six months ago, I had five (plus) single gals. Yeah, this is f*#ked up. WHAT IS WRONG?

I need a dog or something... whatever... time to get some work done.


Clinton said...

I like how eHarmony is trying something different with the whole online matchmaking stuff. My only reesrvation is it's expensive and they need better penetration in Canada.

I spent so much time filling in their Myers-Briggs-esque dating/personality questionnaire and they've only found FOUR matches for me... only 2 of which are in my hometown :p

zerodoll said...

i thought eharmony was really a christian matchmaking group. my atheist friend said he got matched with exactly one woman, 3000 miles away.

Pandax said...

I think it depends a lot on location. My friend in D.C. matched with hundreds of men using eHarmony. Her friend in Florida had no luck. I've read previously that many of the online dating business are regional in their popularity. Another friend told me that a person in Boston had never heard of

eHarmony will exclude people for whom they can't guarantee enough matches. One of my guy friends and one of Chi's female friends were rejected from the service after filling out the personality survey. In the past they would refund your money if they could not provide a certain number of matches during the membership period. Not sure if they still do that.

Anna May Won't said...

have you ever noticed how the couples on the eHarmony commercials all look alike? not that the couples resemble each other, but the men and women in each couple have the same facial features. :::shudder:::

Pandax said...

In terms of religious matchmaking, the last time I looked around one of the mainstream dating sites, I felt like I saw A LOT of Catholic and Christian single guys. It's funny because I remember in my 20s how my mom always suggested I join a church to meet men (my family is not religious). So if church is the place to meet people, then how come I see soooo many of them online?

Pandax said...

Fascinating... I tripped across this blog... don't remember how. (Zerodoll, hmmm, gee, he's Christian.)