Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lackluster e-mailing

I am on the East Coast for a quick trip. Gosh, these heat waves are u-g-l-y. It's already 80-something degrees. And why is the hotel room thermostat set to 65F? It's a waste of electricity and too damn cold. Thank goodness I can dress casually for the meeting. I made sure to bring a thin, loose t-shirt.

What is it with me and men who can't carry e-mail conversations? Is this going to be the case with all 35+ single men I meet?

Last week, I told Biker that I'm busy through the end of this week. He replied several days later making a clever attempt to guess the origins of my e-mail address. It was a short e-mail.

I wrote back a couple days later saying it was a nice attempt but not the reason for my e-mail ID.

Yesterday, some five or six days later:

"Hey, P -

Actually, it turns out my week this week is also pretty full. Yes, next week will be much better. I’ll ping you after Tuesday to see how your week is shaping up.


Are we simply in a bit rut of mirroring each other's behavior? Not even a "have a good weekend." Arghhh, well, I shouldn't be surprised. As I said from the speed dating, it was a so-so conversation. It started slow, so this just kind of comfirms it. He's going to wait almost a week to e-mail me? I can't meet in person, that doesn't mean I don't have time to exchange a question or two as a warm up.

Okay, okay, I'll let it go. I'm getting all worked up now... maybe I need to buy some Midol.

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