Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quiet time

I'm not the type of person who can sit around doing nothing for too long. That's why it's difficult for me to travel with people who mainly want to lay out on the beach all day. It could be partially that, initially, I'm not great at conversation with people.

I haven't called Midwest even though he gave me his number. I don't know what to say. How do you start a conversation with someone you don't know? I can't even see his online dating profile because he has it hidden. Would it be weird to write him and say that I'm not yet comfortable talking with him on the phone. How lame does that sound coming from a 35-year-old?

Yesterday, I went shopping for H-O-U-R-S. I must have tried on... 25+ dresses besides tops and pants. No luck on shoes. What I wouldn't give to go outlet shopping in NJ. I managed to find one Laundry dresses that I particularly like. However, it's a size 0, and I sadly realize that it's a bit tight in the hip and thigh area. (Read: I need to get off my ass and lose a few pounds - and that plate of pan-fried potatoes I made this morning is not helping.) I'd like to keep it, but I question whether or not I can lose some weight *and* keep it off long enough to wear the dress a few times (and feel like I got my money's worth).

I'm just sitting around this morning. I need to run to REI at some point. It's so quiet at home. I suck at calling people. I'd really like to do something like hike or bike, but I don't feel like I have anyone to ask. This is when I most wish I had someone special in my life. As normal as I appear... somehow I missed that class in childhood about seeking people out. This shyness of mine is not something people would guess of me.


teahouse said...

Size zero?? Ok, seriously if I didn't fit that I'd blame the dress, not myself for having big hips!

I just went up a size to 6 because all of the tae kwon do and tennis I've been playing have hardened my hips and arse. But it's a good thing, yayyy.

Pandax said...

Oops, didn't think I mentioned my size... . Really, it's not a blessing to be so small. I'll be at Gap kids buying XXL in the next few years since they keep increasing the women's sizing. ;)

And yes THB, I say congrats on going a size up from all the exercise. Man, you must have awesome arms and b-hind!