Friday, July 21, 2006

MONEY Magazine: Best places to live 2006: Top 25 Most singles

A piece for the weekend... stay cool out there!

These lists are always good for thought and discussion - MONEY Magazine: Best places to live 2006: Top 25 Most singles

It would be nice to have a little more background on how they define "single" for this survey. Could someone shed some light on New Brunswick for me please? Many of these cities look suspiciously like college towns. How about us singles who are in the real world?

Most singles
Here are the cities with the highest percentage of singles.
Rank City % population single
1 Bloomington, IN 58.2%
2 New Brunswick, NJ 54.6%
3 College Station, TX 54.3%
4 Ames, IA 52.5%
5 Iowa City, IA 52.0%
6 Cambridge, MA 52.0%
7 Somerville, MA 51.3%
8 Boston, MA 50.4%
9 Berkeley, CA 50.3%
10 Champaign, IL 50.2%
11 Davis, CA 49.6%
12 Gainesville, FL 48.7%
13 Boulder, CO 48.4%
14 Washington, DC 48.4%
15 Ann Arbor, MI 48.4%
16 Tallahassee, FL 48.2%
17 Athens-Clarke County, GA 48.1%
18 Greenville, NC 47.6%
19 Lawrence, KS 47.1%
20 Jacksonville, NC 46.9%
21 Camden, NJ 46.6%
22 Minneapolis, MN 45.8%
23 Syracuse, NY 45.6%
24 Kalamazoo, MI 45.5%
25 Santa Cruz, CA 45.3%

Source: Census, OnBoard projections


Anna May Won't said...

you're totally right! new brunswick is where rutgers university is. i spot a lot of college towns on the list: boston, ann arbor, berkeley, somerville.

yeah, they should have included some criteria. as well, they should have tallied the numbers for singles, say, over 25. that would have been more telling.

mini said...

yeah, I always find these misleading, too. "single" just means "not married". It doesn't include all the people who aren't married, but who are in relationship. So it also makes sense that college towns would be high up on the list b/c most college kids aren't married... so really, the actual population of real single date-able people is much much lower. bummers.

i live in cambridge, flanked by boston and somerville; you'd think that'd be helpful for me somehow. no luck so far.