Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish that...

- I could be three inches taller
- I didn't have so many freckles
- that little girl I babysat years ago never called my thighs "pillows"
- things could have worked out for me and Tim
- my family had stronger bonds
- I could speak a second language *fluently*
- people would take more responsibility for themselves
- I was more athletic
- I had sharper social skills
- I could keep my place organized
- it didn't matter what other people think of me
- I could just be happy


Megan said...

I wish my best friend had chosen our friendship instead of my ex.

I wish I had gone to the doctoral program at UCLA instead of Davis.

I wish I worked out as often as I plan to.

I wish my family lived in one city.

I wish I knew how I'm going to get from my job to being a mediator.

Pandax said...

Granted the UCLA might have a better program, but you wouldn't *really* want to live in LA would you? ;)