Thursday, July 06, 2006

APB's Dating Advice for Asian Men

First, I guess I shouldn't be surprised this world exists. After all, if you can learn how to make a bomb on the Internet, why wouldn't you be able to get some dating tips. There are all these relationship workshops for women, so why not a pickup session for men. It might even give some guys a needed boost of confidence. I just don't like the fact they use the term "game."

The question is whether I want to know about any of this... . Maybe it would be a good lesson for me so that I understand non-verbal cues better. (I'm a totally clueless girl. Who knows how many guys I missed out in my early twenties because I wasn't paying attention.)

Then again, considering how much I overanalyze things, knowing this stuff could turn me into a basket case. 8-}

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Clinton said...

I run hot and cold on this kind of advice, although I admit to always having some curiosity about it. However, I'm much more interested in transforming the "inner game" rather than learning a bunch of superficial techniques for dating.

All the tips boil down to one way of being: being fearless.

teahouse said...

He sounds like a total tool, to be honest.

Pandax said...

The scary thing is that he is apparently a smaller "player" in this advice market.

The Asian Playboy said...

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.