Monday, July 24, 2006


Waaa... neither of the two guys I matched from speed dating have contacted me as of this morning. Could it be something got messed up. I did think it was strange I received two copies of the organizer's results e-mail. I can understand not hearing from maybe one of them but both? Maybe with all this record heat, their brain connections misfired. So, considering it's now been 5 days, should I send out a friendly hello e-mail? Would that set the wrong precedent by making the first move? Oh I hate this.

Meanwhile, Midwest still seems interested. I found an e-mail from him this morning:

"Would have called last night but was worried it was to
late. Hope you are staying cool. I was in [the area]
yesterday and it was miserable. I understand
now when you said that you wanted to do your work
early in the day and stay in the house and A/C after
lunch. This is SF and CA and this is what I wanted.

Have a good day at work. Will call later."

Boy, I wish I had A/C. I might have actually tried to clean my place rather than sit in front of the fan all afternoon.

Yipes, so now he wants to talk to me more? At least I have caller ID. Aaaagh. Maybe I'll answer and just let him talk while to see what he does with the silence. I want to be open-minded, but I feel totally clueless about how to deal with this (and men in general).

Times like this make me think about how I feel about Tim... but that's a whole other conversation.


zerodoll said...

hey, we wanna hear that other conversation!
Midwest sounds kinda clueless.

Pandax said...

I'll get there. It'll take a bit.