Thursday, July 20, 2006

Minor note H2GG

So sad, ABC's website has almost completely stripped away any reference to "How to Get the Guy." Barely anything works on the show's homepage. Would it have killed them to show that last two episodes?

A friend said she heard one of the women on the show talk on a local morning radio show. She recalled the woman revealing that near the end of the show, she met someone through an Internet dating site. Her feeling was that his profile was written specifically for her, and he felt the same upon reading hers. So apparently it's going well.

I don't care so much about the details of the show (I most enjoyed seeing the shots of San Francisco), but it would be nice to hear a follow-up from the women to know if they learned anything from it. And obviously, it's be nice to know if they've had luck in love since the show. Just my curiousity (in case someone from the show is reading).

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