Saturday, July 15, 2006

Your guess is as good as mine

Remember Midwest guy? He was the guy with whom I exchanged a few e-mails. His last e-mail reply was July 3rd. I stopped writing him because he would never ask any questions of me.

Today, I log into my e-mail and see a note from him sent last night.

"Long time no talk. Just wanted to see how you are
doing. So far so good with me. Still getting set up
and adjusted to new job, home and area. Was thinking
of you as I will be over your way this [weekend at the]
theater for some Benefit.

Talk to you soon,"

Do I write back? See how there's still no questions in his (incomplete) sentences. You'd think since he's going to be in the area that maybe he could ask about catching up for coffee right?



teahouse said...

In my opinion, that's a bit passive aggressive of him. He's just telling you that he's going to be "your way"? Why doesn't he just ask you if you want to get together? Ugh!!

Anna May Won't said...

i totally agree with teahouse. he seems like he's letting you know he'll be in your area so that *you* can ask him to get together, when he should just come out and do the asking.

you haven't even met and he's already playing games. back into the stream with this one! another fishie will come along.

zerodoll said...

delete! delete!

Pandax said...

There's part of me that's tempted to write back if only to play games or directly tell him why I'm not interested. But... I guess there's no good way to say it (for me) without sounding mean.

=> "Thanks for writing. Yeah, I thought of you when I was chatting with tech support. Have a nice week."