Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now he asks

Huh... so I was joking around and sent Midwest a blah e-mail Monday. And? He actually replied (though still using incomplete sentences). It was mostly about his weekend with a brief mention of work and being tired of eating out. In the end, he was not in my neck of the woods last weekend. He went north to help a relative. There were still no questions posed of me. However, he did say this:

"I know you said that you are not a big phone talker,
but how about lunch or coffee sometime this weekend. I
need to visit your [neighborhood]. If you have time
we can meet up.

Let me know."

I tried to look him up online. He's still posted on the Internet dating site. It's weird though, one day I'm able to read his profile details, the next day, he'll hide it. He seems to be fickle?

I can't help think that he's only contacting me because he's met all the other women he lined up through the Internet, hasn't had any luck, and is lonely. At least, this time, he took the initiative. Hmmm... it can't hurt right? I'm being lame (and desperate) aren't I?

And if I do agree to meet up, should I take him up on the whole lunch or just coffee? (Maybe he'll just talk my ears off, and I'll want a quick escape.)


zerodoll said...

if you decide to go, definitely only go for coffee, with the option for dinner open. have an excuse ready to get out of there if coffee drags.

OneHungMan said...

Kiddo, I'm not sure the needle you're looking for exists.

Pandax said...

Such pessimistic comments might be more constructive if you could provide some reasonings supporting your opinion.

Anna May Won't said...

i agree with zerodoll on the coffee, leaving it open for a meal if it goes well, and an excuse for you to book if it doesn't.

Pandax said...

Of course, I was referring to H-Man, not to Zerodoll. I just don't know how someone who's probably within ten years of my age feels it's okay to call me "kiddo."

Megan said...

Not lame and desperate. Why not have coffee with him? The worst that can happen is that he is boring, and then you'll know.

There are needles out there, so out there is where you need to be. Then tell us about him and make fun of him.