Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Four heads

So in the pursuit of a best response to KT, I vented to a few co-workers. We now refer to him as flakey boy.

Basically everyone thinks this is odd. What a non-surprise. How to approach this varies a little. I'd say half think the Thursday meet is okay with some caveats. Otherwise deferring to Friday is another option to subtly hint that this was not enough notice.

In the meantime, Im still waiting for my friend to get back to me about watching the game. The one time I need him to respond promptly and I can't tell if he's alive. Doh! So, to tie over the time, I sent back a very short reply saying I'd call later. Hopefully he'll understand my comment about a painful wrist to mean that I can't type today so I have to use the phone. That'll also give me a chance to figure out Thursday. Would it be weird to have him sit with me and Ig? Probably yeah and I don't know that Ig would like that either.

(BTW it's damn hard to type with just the left hand because my wrist really is hurting.)

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