Friday, February 24, 2006

Tennis with friends?

Wow, so I received a quick reply this morning. I wrote back to KT saying I was busy next Monday through Wednesday but was available otherwise. Less than two hours later I found a reply in my inbox which caught me off guard. Turns out he was inviting me to join him and two people for tennis in Upin.

Well, I'd already agreed to go hiking tomorrow morning. Even though it wasn't confirmed I'm not going to drop my friends at the last minute for a (and here I was about to write "date") meeting with people I don't know. It's a nice gesture and I certainly like to play, but it's a little too short of notice.

I sent back what I thought was a friendly and light reply. I made fun of myself a little saying that he might not want to embarrass himself by bringing me along. I added that I've pegged people with my uncontrolled returns. Now that I reread it, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm putting myself down in a negative way. I meant it to be playful and funny. Oops, probably over did it. This must be why people think I'm lame. I did explain that I'll probably be busy hiking with friends.

At least this would have been a nice, casual way to get to know him. I can't help in the back of my mind still think he's chicken to be alone with me. At least he thought of me sooner rather than waiting until the end of next week. What's weird is that he said he's meeting a friend for tennis and they could use a 4th player. So who's the 3rd person?

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