Monday, February 27, 2006

Premature heartbreak

I can't take it anymore. How much of this is my own fault? I haven't heard from KT since Friday. Does he think I'll meet him for dinner with less than two days notice. Egads this is ridiculous.

What's even more ridiculous is how hurt and disappointed I feel over the whole thing. I set myself for this by thinking I'd actually found a decent guy who not only I was attracted to but who my parents might actually like. Add on top of that some small world connections and a funny tension over our college rivalry and it seems like good chemistry. Boy was I mistaken.

I feel angry, frustrated, cheated, deceived, unappreciated and just all over miserable. His lack of urgency should be a bright neon sign to me that he's not that interested. This can't possibly be a case of miscommunication. I don't think I played hard to get nor did I jump at any work he said. I thought we had a reasonable level of communication. There's just no excuse for waiting this long to contact me after making the gesture to meet again for dinner. He'd have to of had an accident or family emergency for me to understand this.

How is it that I pick such losers? What is it about me that says you can walk all over me?

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