Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Playing the rules

Am I impatient? Usually when I've sent KT an e-mail he replies around 6:30pm. Well, nothing from him since I replied yesterday morning. If he's interested I need to see some more effort. That's just how I am, I don't want to constantly drive this. I think I expressed enough interest to show that he needn't be afraid to ask me for a date.

I threw the situation out to a group at work this morning over bagels. Most everyone thought it was odd. Everyone laughed as we joked about whether he'd bring his friend on another date. One comment was that his vague requests for meeting up are a way not to seem to aggressive. Don't guys understand that that's a good thing in the beginning? (Being pushy when the girl has said "no" is not appropriate, but that's another story.)

It's all on KT this time. I've told him that I'm interested in seeing him again. He needs to call me or offer a time and place in an e-mail.

Compared to him, I have to give my ex's credit for being good daters and pursuing me. Given all my other distractions this week I don't know that I'm processing this all appropriately. Perhaps I should be more annoyed, perhaps I should be more understanding. But yeah, no.

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