Thursday, February 16, 2006

Analysis Paralysis

So just when I thought things were going well, I was thrown a curve. KT did write back Sunday night with expected reliability. (Frankly I think he must be a very structured person.) But the e-mail included a comment that made me question the whole situation.

Basically, after he agreed to Thursday, he added that he's been meaning to meet up with Larry and asked if he could join us. That doesn't sound like a date to me. There are of course several theories people could make from this. I sent or explained the e-mail to a few girlfriends (naturally). Take your pick of scenarios:

1) He's shy and need a security blanket friend
2) It's actually his friend who wants to meet me and this is a "bait and switch" dinner
3) He wants to keep this casual (a pre-date)
4) He changed his mind but didn't have the nerve to back out
5) He just wants to be friends
6) He has little dating experience and has no idea what he's doing

Did I miss anything?

When I didn't reply by Tuesday evening, he wrote me on Wednesday morning to check that I was back in town and still available for Thursday. I wrote to confirm the plan and asked if he had an idea where to eat or suggest he call me after 10pm to discuss.

Well, he tried calling around 9:45pm but I accidentally sent his call to voicemail. His voice wasn't all that impressive. KT suggested we meet at a local cafe and decide on a restaurant then. The cafe he mentioned didn't rind a bell. I tried calling back at 10pm (when my tv show was over) but he didn't answer. I then read the e-mail he sent to follow up to the call. There he did mention that Larry will join us. I clarified that the name of the cafe in question had probably changed.

Sure enough, he wrote this morning to say that I probably had the right place. We'll see what happens tonight. I have very low expectations of the whole thing... probably better for me, but I still can't help be a little disappointed and confused.

Larry was rather quiet the time I met him. I feel like they have an unfair advantage in that they can talk to each other. It's very intimidating to try and maintain a conversation with two people you don't know. Things might be just fine. On the other hand, if one of them is quiet, I'll be spending a lot of time trying to balance the conversation (because that's how I am in group situations like this), which is not me and they will form an inaccurate impression of me.

Oh well... it's just so much easier to be single and forget about all this dating.

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