Friday, February 03, 2006

Unjustified anxiety

I feel like I haven't been excited about a date in a year and a half. By Monday I was hoping to see an e-mail from KT. You'd think he could have even sent it Sunday night. But alas, I had no e-mail on Monday, not even from friends. I thought maybe my service wasn't working.

On Tuesday, still nothing. I was very sad. I was also upset at myself for getting so emotional over a man I met for only 20 minutes. I had to ask myself why this had become so important and why I was so smitten. This guy could be anyone. When I asked JB about him, all she could recall was that he was a friendly but quiet guy in school. That right there is a concern because after my last long-term boyfriend I wasn't really sure I wanted to deal with an introvert.

I didn't know what to do. Girls like to be asked out. I also was concerned about setting any kind of precedent that I would do all the chasing. But by the afternoon, I threw the rules out the door and sent him a brief e-mail. I didn't babble or share anything personal, I simply wrote to confirm his e-mail address and wish him a happy new year.

You could say it worked, because Wednesday he wrote back explaining that he had e-mailed me but had mistyped my address, making fun of his dyslexic episode. Only this morning did he get a bounce back e-mail. He politely narrated through what he did the rest of Saturday night. But that was it. So short, and no hint of wanting to get to know me. How odd.

Again I found myself in an etiquette quandary. He didn't ask me any open questions that would require a reply. So do I let it go, or do I give him a reason to continue the communications? I went with my gut and replied. It was the most basic e-mail, just acknowledging his e-mail and commenting on what happened at the speed dating based on Twin's experience.

There was no reply. Then again, should I care? If you think about that trendy book, "He's Just Not That Into You," then the response would be to forget about it. After all, the title makes a good point, if KT had interest in me, he needs to pursue it. No sense in me trying to get him to do something that isn't worth his time (or mine). Sigh... oh well.

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