Monday, February 06, 2006

Divorcee Can't Accept "No"

Come on... when you try to let a guy down easy, they think it's an opening for another chance. I clearly advised him that he needs more time to deal with his divorce. I took a year plus off from dating because I knew I still had issues. He needs to focus on making more friends first. Women don't like being mean about it, but with e-mails like this, it's not worth it trying to be nice. And what's with the comment about me being "challenging?"

"Hi, I realize that you may not have felt any chemistry the other night, but I really enjoyed talking with you. It was brief, but I think you're bright, honest, a good communicator, open, candid, interesting, challenging and more, and I feel like the conversationwas just starting when Peet's closed (I should have remembered it closed early before suggesting to changeto that Peet's :(). I was definitely reserved and somewhat avoidant (of eye contact), but I think that was because I was still warming up to the idea of meeting someone new. If we don't put too much meaninginto it, would you like to still continue to gettogether for meals/hikes/etc. I really think I would enjoy talking with you further. K"

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