Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Coffee or tea, again?

Yes, that's right, just when I didn't expect to hear from KT, I found an e-mail in my mailbox last night. Although there was a part of me that hoped and was excited for a response, the rest of me is still perplexed. Can you blame me?

The other thing that's driving me crazy that comes with all this excitement is my racing mind. I couldn't sleep last night because I think I lived through the entire courtship in an hour. I can only wonder if I've done that same thing with other men I've dated. How much of my future have I imagined each time? Last night I was imagining conversation we'll have about dating, getting married, having children. I imagine looking for bridesmaids dresses and deciding who to have as the flower girls. This is nuts! I barely know the guy!

The amount of time wasted on daydreaming is probably one of the most elating and distracting parts of the early dating process. I don't get anything done. I am so worried about creating the wrong expectations and setting myself up for disappointment.

So KT's e-mail was another very friendly and light conversation. He described a few of the things he did in Mty and mentioned my team's loss this weekend. I think he's probably as intrigued as I am by the sheer coincidence that my dentist is related to him. Serendipitous events created very compelling emotional connections (don't I know).

His final comment was about traveling and how much he'd like to start traveling more. He is looking to me for ideas and listed out a few places he'd like to go. To follow that up, he asked if I would like to meet up again for dinner or coffee/tea. Yes, he's still being vague. It's just so unappealing to throw it out there like that without a plan. He seems like a sociable enough guy that you'd think he'd know better.

(banging my head against the desk) What does he want?!! What can I say to push him to be more direct? I could have responded last night, but I put it aside until this morning. I wrote him being friendly and ended with a reply that another meeting would be nice and suggested he call me to arrange a place and time.

I hate this part... waiting for the phone to ring. I want to pull my hair out and scream... . And if he brings Larry or some other guy friend for the next "date" I'm done with this.

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