Monday, July 26, 2004

Another full weekend

I had an absolutely empty weekend once I got back from my business trip. I was happy to catch an earlier flight and arrive home around 7:30pm. I called Tim just before getting home to tell him to come over. We always kind of play coy with each other about whether we'll spend the night together. This was the third weekend in a row.

After he arrived we went to have Indian food. Tasting tikka masala earlier in the week had left me yearning for the taste of the yummy sauce with naan. Tim ordered the pamb with spinach. I always thought that was referred to as saag, but it was listed differently depending on whether you ordered chicken or lamb. He paid for dinner though I offered some cash. For dessert I offered to treat him to gelato across the street.

After dinner we had a simple evening of watching the tv "Sex and the City" episodes that he recorded off TBS. Watching the show always brings up questions, mostly things I don't want to talk about. As much as I appreciate the openness and honesty of our relationship, sometimes it can get me in trouble.

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