Sunday, July 04, 2004

Dinner Art Deco

Tim called a little before 1pm to see if I was ready. I had to admit I'd fallen behind and was in the middle of putting my makeup on. He gave me another 30 minutes and admitted that he could use the time to shave. I was going to get to see him without facial hair.

So around 1:20pm my doorbell rang. My handsome guy stood there at the door dressed in a nice brown shirt and khakis. We hugged and kissed. Then he said he had something for me. I hadn't even realized that he had kept one hand behind his back until he said that. He gave me one, long-stemmed, red rose. He liked my red dress. I was very happy to be going on a date.

It was a beautiful day to be going to the city. I can't remember what we talked about in the car. I played navigator as we drove through GG Park. The Legion of Honor is in a great location because it's surrounded by a golf course yet near the Richmond's local restaurants. We passed El Mansour and Tim said that's where they took Jy for her birthday. I noted that it couldn't have been this year since that was at Buca. He thought I was wrong at first but then retracted his claim once he thought about the timing.

The museum area was incredibly crowded for a Friday. Obviously we weren't the only ones to try and go to the city. We ended up parking quite a ways down the street. It would have been nice except for my slightly impractical shoes.

While there were many cars, the museum was relatively mild. There was no line at the ticket counter thought there was definitely a good crowd inside. Overall the exhibit was so-so. As is often the case, there were several pieces that were interesting, but the exhibit overall was not as impressive. In many cases it felt like they tried to fill in the gaps using pieces from their own collection that were only remotely related to art deco. Also, I think they failed to show a lot of significant artists from the period including Erte.

Halfway through, I was feeling a bit hungry. In my morning wanderings, I had neglected to eat lunch. So we took a break and shared a bowl of zucchini mint soup at the cafe. It was a little chilly but sitting outside on the patio was very nice. I feel very comfortable with Tim. He's a handsome and sweet man. I still can't help ask myself if I like him just because he's so into me. It seems so ironic that I'm scared to fall in love with him because I expect him to leave me someday. I know it's terrible to think this way, but I can't help be jaded and apprehensive considering all the difficult relationships I've been through.

We did the second half of the exhibit after our snack. We tended to stay together as we moved through the pieces, though occasionally I'd skip a step and move on because of the crowds. I thought it was fine. We also took a look at a few of the galleries in the museum's regular collection. Unfortunately, the impressionist art was removed for the special exhibit. Most of the art remaining on display was not really my style. Time seems to be most interested in modern art like Miro. I like some modern but I told him that impressionist art is my favorite given my years learning French.

One of the other interesting events happening was an opportunity to listen to John Santos play his latin jazz. The crowds were already forming in the cafe. We debated going as I was originally interested. But honestly, my feet were tired and I wasn't sure that we'd find any seating. It was interesting to see all the older folks entering the museum dressed in 1920s and 1930s outfits.

Because my feet weren't in great shape, Tim fetched the car and picked me up. Originally he had planned to take me to Slanted Door, but the restaurant was full. Instead, he made reservations at the Baker Street Cafe. It's a little place in Cow Hollow. The original reservation was for 8pm, but fortunately we were there early enough, 6:30pm, they had a table for us.

For other reasons it was actually good timing. Just as we left the Legion of Honor, I had a light headache and an ache in my abdomen. I realized that it was a warning that my period was about to start. Tim was hoping that we could fool around a bit that night. There was no way for me to know when it would actually start but I implied that it was likely to be soon given that I usually don't feel cramps until after I've started. Sure enough, as soon as we sat down at the dinner table, I felt a drip. I immediately ran to the restroom to find a large spot of red. Oh well.

The dinner menu was surprisingly reasonable. Their prix fixe was only $14.50. I have to admit it made me feel a little better since I knew Tim would be paying. I like going out, and I like that he wants to pay, but I feel a little bad knowing that he's spending all this money when he doesn't have any income. It's strange going out with someone who is unemployed. It's not real life and I worry what other issues will come up when he starts working again. I'm a little spoiled right now because he can make time for me.

The conversation was still good though I felt it a little slower than usual. The time just seems to fly by. There are times I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

When we returned to my place, we sat on the couch at first. Since it's a small loveseat, it doesn't make for a great place to cuddle and make out. I took him upstairs to the study where there a futon we can lay on. We kissed and talked for hours. I finally had to make him go home at 1am.

I feel very in tune with him physically. I enjoy kissing him and being next to him. He is enjoying exploring my body and discovering what turns me on. It's so much fun. I think it was good that I started my period. As much as I want him, it's not time yet to get that intimate. I think we need to talk more and learn about each other.

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