Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Kindest Call

Tan called last night just as I was heading out the door. He went on about visiting a friend while on his business trip. I do like talking with him. We seem to get along well in that respect. I have to admit writing him on Monday was a difficult choice because I'm still not completely sure.

I wasn't sure where to interrupt him. I wanted to chat more but was already running late. I apologized and told him that I couldn't stay on the phone long. He moved to the point of telling me that he received my e-mail. He thanked me for being honest and was incredibly understanding. Once again I commented that I'm just not very good at dating. His response was, "none of us are."

He bought me a small gift while he was gone. Yes, I felt like a heel. He wants to still meet up "as friends" sometime so that he can give it to me. I told him I would definitely like that thought it may be awhile considering I have two weeks of travel coming up soon. He suggested I give him a call next time to set up something.

Gosh, why does this all have to get so complicated. I can't tell him about Tim. That would really make him feel bad. I think I just have a hard time being myself in these dating situations. I don't feel like I've necessarily been myself with him and I worry that his impression of me is not accurate. Perhaps taking the pressure out of getting to know each other will be better. We'll see if we actually hang out much from here.

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