Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Another one bites the dust

There's a fellow I've been writing off and on since we met at a speed dating event back in April. We've never managed to meet up. The first couple times it was me being too tired and busy with moving. The last two times, he's picked dates that I already had other engagements. I feel bad, but honestly I can't remember him anymore so it doesn't give me much inspiration to put in any effort to make time. So today, I just decided to write this opportunity off.

"I'm actually taking a friend out for an all-day birthday outing.

It would be really nice to meet up with you, but frankly the timing just doesn't seem to be working out. I have been seeing some others and I think it's going to be really difficult at this point to play catch up. Perhaps sometime in the future we'll run into each other."

He was really nice about it. I got an e-mail back from him wishing me well with the other guys. I appreciate the reponse. People like him are the guys I'd like to get to know better. It's just too bad the timing has been so off.

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