Sunday, July 11, 2004

In his court

TJ joined us for dinner on Saturday night. Friends were asking me about my dating prospects. As I worked through my list of potential candidates and how I have eliminated some, I felt compelled to indicate my disappointment not to hear from GF. TJ informed me that GF recently asked him if he had talked with me. GF's response was that he had written me but not received a response.

I was disappointed and frustrated to hear that. He wrote me back on July 2nd. You'd think he could take some initiative and write me to ask for a date! Duh, you don't have to wait for the girl to write back. I have written him two fairly clear e-mails hinting that I was available for a date. Neither time has he made any effort to actually try and set a time with me. I don't understand and am unwilling to continue being the one to try and initiate something. As independent and modern as I am, I still would appreciate a guy who will make the effort to properly ask a girl out (at least for the first few dates).

Well, I'm not going to write him. It's really too bad because of all the speed dating guys I've met, I really wanted to get to know GF. I found him attractive and likeable. But if this lack of motivation and assertiveness is reflective of his overall personality, then it wouldn't work anyhow. That's one of the reason my last boyfriend made me unhappy; I don't need to repeat that.

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