Monday, July 05, 2004

4th with family

Tim invited me to spend the 4th with him. His brother, Ar, drove up from LA to visit. We met them for sushi in PA. His brother is four years younger and has a new girlfriend. This would be the first time Tim would get to meet her.

Ar is definitely different from Tim. The two of them sat across the table from me and Sy. I took a good look at them. Ar has a younger face. I think Tim's outdoor exposure and experiences have aged him a little. They do look somewhat related but not a lot I think. His brother is an LA type who would never appeal to me. His hair was gelled to spike a bit and he had silver rings on his left thumb and pointer finger. It looked odd and not at all to my liking. Still, he seemed like a good guy.

In the afternoon, Tim came home with me. He helped me clean, volunteering to scrub my kitchen floor while I worked on the guest bathroom. When you think about it, it's really amazing the things he'll do for me. How many men do I know who'll do help me with cleaning just to spend time with me. I would definitely never imagine my last boyfriend offering a finger to help. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing. When I say that I mean that I don't want him changing or not being himself just to make me happy. Would he really be like this when/if we're living together?

We met back up with Ar and Sy in the evening. We drove up to their mom's house in order to watch the fireworks. His mom seemed very pleasant. She's a bit into the health food craze and new age things. Her home is quiet lovely and soothing. It was very funny watching the two of them interact as we waited for Ar. Tim helped put together some photos to give her an idea of what her relandscaped front yard could look like. Just the simplest image was very exciting for her.

We walked down to the park to claim a good space for the fireworks. We were all stocked up with fruit, cheese, and snacks to eat while we waited. Ar and Sy kind of did their own thing and we sat together talking or playing cards. There was some great live music at the amphitheatre. I was really bummed there was no around to swing dance with. Tim could see that I was very much into the music and he felt bad that he couldn't dance with me. I hope it persuades him to take a lesson or two.

I haven't watched fireworks on the 4th in several years. It was really nice to just sit back and relax under the stars. The show was short, maybe 20 minutes, but it was cool. We all really liked the one firework where a smiley face appeared. They've come up with some great designs in the past twenty years.

When we came back to the house, his mom seemed to be all ready to go to bed. We talked a little about music and dancing. His mom's boyfriend put on some of his music and we started dancing around the kitchen. I demonstrated my knowledge of swing and salsa to everyone. People started trying to dance. His mom actually went and changed so that she could dance with us. I think Tim got a kick out of seeing me happily dancing around and knowing that his mom liked me. She gave me a hug when we left.

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