Monday, July 12, 2004


I saw Tim all but six hours on Sunday. First I stopped by his place late after being out with friends all day Saturday. I knew he might be asleep but decided to check around 1am. Turns out he was just about to go to bed when I knocked. We ended up kissing and talking until 4am.

It was painful waking up at 9:30am. He sounded so chipper in comparison when I called him. It is very nice to see him at my door when he comes over. We sat around talking as we waited for the delivery to arrive.

The bed took longer than expected to arrive. The guy bringing it had forgotten a few pieces and had to drive back home to get them. They were a very nice couple I bought the bed from, so I was very patient and understanding about the whole process. I was very happy when he arrived to see that he had made some effort to protect the wood from getting dented and scratched by covering everything with blankets and cardboard.

The gentleman had brought his 1.5 year-old son along. He was a sweet little boy named Zachary, who was wide awake, not shy but quiet. He was allowed to walk around on his own as the guys unloaded the truck. Zach was good about staying close to the car and was content playing with the plant leave and looking at the rocks in the yard.

After moving all the pieces up to my room, we head over to the Creamery for brunch. Tim has suggested this last week. It's becoming difficult to know when we're on a date because it's become rather informal. Nothing wrong with that, but I wouldn't mind another opportunity to get dressed up and go out.

Since we arrived towards the end of the lunch hour, the wait wasn't bad at all. While we waited, I took a look at all the pies on display. They had a nice variety but the prices were a bit higher than I expected. It was more than a dollar higher that the price at Apple's in EB.

I remember having a discussion with him about coconut as we waited for someone to take our order. The brioche french toast sounded really good, but when Tim said he was thinking about ordering the Caribbean french toast, I changed my order to the Belgian waffle so we could share. When he found out that the Caribbean part refers to adding shredded coconut to the toast, he went with the regular french toast. It was funny that we had just talked about it.

He ended up spending all day with me. In the afternoon we assembled the bed.

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