Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who can't read here?

I received another e-mail from the online dating site. The header on the e-mail was "nice profile" - that already sounds lame to me. His profile lists his stats and a few brief sentences about "looking for a good fun woman," owning his own business, and wanting to take someone with him traveling.

"Nice profile and Pic. I would like to chat with you a bit and see if there is a connection.

Let me know if you are interested and I can email you my pic.

Talk to you soon.

Trying to be the open minded person, I wrote him back:


Honestly, I don't feel like I have much to go on given your minimal profile. I'd appreciate if you would include a picture and tell me more about yourself."

And this is the answer I received:

"Thanks so much for the email back. Can you give me your email address and i will send you my pic...and see if you like that as a start.

My email address is daxxx. I also chat online we can chat [here] if you do that?

What else you want to know about me?

Age: 39
H: 6'2"
W: 185
Hair: black
eyes: brown

What else you want to know?


DUH, I can see that on your profile!!! I have two paragraphs in my profile that share some extra information about my hobbies, interests, and the type of person I'd like to meet. Why doesn't he get that I'd like to know more? If he's thinking this is an opportunity for a casual hookup, no thanks. It's very clear from my profile that I'm looking for a relationship. Is it so hard to just start by making some conversation using the things I mentioned in my profile or talk about something he read in the paper today? What is it that caught your attention?

Am I being overly paranoid?

I'm trying to be open-minded, but some people just come off amazingly lame in online dating. If you want to meet people, there needs to be some effort put into it. I don't think I'm going to write this guy back.


Clinton said...

He sounds pretty douchey. If 2 of his emails bug you that much, you may as well give him a pass.

I put in the effort to read profiles I'm interested in and try to articulate something charming, curious or funny for them to read... because you know, I want to compel the girls to write me back ;)

Pandax said...

That's why I gave him a break on the first e-mail. In the past I would have just hit "delete" for such a vague e-mail. After the second one, I just can't understand why he can't give me something more to go on than his physical dimensions. I will always answer someone who shows some effort and thought in their e-mails (and matches my posted criteria).

jayfish said...

if he doesn't match what you're looking for by his profile alone, don't bother even writing him. you've got better things to do than reply to every guy that's looking for a casual relationship or guys that can't give and take on the question front.

zerodoll said...

i know i'm way late to the game but any guy that doesn't make a personal effort on the first email should get a big fat delete with not even a second thought about it. i think it's phishing in the match world.