Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy, busy guy

Limey wrote back within 24 hours. It was a decent e-mail, telling me more about his interest in curling and plans to sign up for the next class offered. He addressed my question about cooking saying he likes variety and has been making oven-based dishes lately. His last comment was "Cooking is much more fun with someone else though, don't you think?"

He didn't ask me any questions, however, I'm not sure what to do about that. He seems friendly enough but doesn't he want to ask me anything? I'm intelligent enough to know how to continue the conversation, but it's frustrating not to have a new topic to explore and get some insight into what he's curious to know about me.

The e-mail was signed, "Hope to hear from you soon. :-)" He gave me his call signs for AIM and YM. Guess I'll have to explain that I can't use that stuff at work.

I looked at his pictures again. He looks a bit different from photo to photo. Mostly decent looking, one goofy, and horribly old in another. It'll be interesting to see what he looks like now. Please, please let him look mostly like the two pictures I find attractive.

His IDs easily gave me his full name. Being the naturally curious detective I am, I checked up on him through various Internet means:

  • We are connected through two people on a social networking site. The only weird thing... his status lists him as "In a relationship." It would appear he hasn't logged into his profile in awhile. I can't help wonder how long he's been single.

  • He listed a link to his a blog (uh oh) ;). I browsed the entries from August. Nothing scary, nothing revealing. There's mention of yoga classes (interesting), getting more interested in coffee drinking, and hints of his obsession with poker. His geekiness shows in his analysis and detail of things. It's natural for his occupation I suppose. He'd probably fit in just fine with most of my friends.

  • I also found him posted on another dating website. The dating website shares essentially the same information I already know with added information such as religion, education, dating preferences.

I have to be careful not to spend too much time glancing at this stuff. I want to learn this all from him, not by "stalking." Now the trick is how to get beyond the easy stuff and asking him questions that tell me more about who he is rather than what he does. That's where I'm not good at relationships. I'm uncomfortable asking people what seem like personal questions. I fear I'm prying or being inappropriate or will freak them out. That's when things start going south.


mini said...
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Pandax said...

mini said... (reposted with small edit)

this guy i saw a few times this summer read my blog every single day, and would then mention things in our conversations related to the stuff I wrote about, all while never mentioning the fact that he even knew I had a website. i knew he was reading the blog b/c i have a tracker, but he doesn't know this. it was just a weird situation. i'm sure he'd be horrified if he ever finds out i knew all along that he was reading my blog

Pandax said...

Mini, I have lurkers as well. I worry they are people who know me. I guess that's the risk we take in sharing our lives with anonymous people.

If Limey and I get to know each other, I suppose it would be a discussion to have. For now, I plan to be good and NOT read his blog.

zerodoll said...

it's tricky indeed! my bf knows about my blog and reads it everyday, but he was the one who helped me set it up. we've also discussed the need for a place where you can be more honest, more real, knowing that people that know you are NOT reading it, more journal/diray like. i like that my friends can catch up with what's happening in my life through my blog but there is always the potential (and the reality a few times) that they'll take it wrong and that can be really annoying.