Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jumbled brains

I'm back from vacation... no phone, no computer, no Internet... what a concept. It felt bizarre entering my e-mail login and trying to recall my password. It's coming back to my fingers as I log into various accounts. There's this weird rote memory programmed into the muscles of my fingers. They know exactly how many millimeters to extend before depressing the keys below them. (Reminds me of how I could play piano notes with my eyes closed after learning the same song for over a month.)

I just enjoyed the time. Chi and Tim were on the trip too. We experienced some extremes in temperature - highs of 34F one day and 76F two days later. Layering clothes was key to comfort. I thought nothing of work and maybe a cumulative total of 45 minutes about boys [pat on the back]. If I get a chance, maybe I'll post a few curious pictures from the trip.

Reality seeped back in as I looked out the window of the airplane and starting seeing all too familiar landmarks such as freeways, mountains, farming patches, and resevoirs. I have flown so much over the past few years that it doesn't take me long to recognize landmarks. It wasn't long before the geography transitioned from dry, rolling hills to neatly organized grids of cul-de-sac neighborhoods and ant-like streams of cars moving along the freeways. The contrast between the vast empty lands of my vacation and the patterns of modern life leave me wondering how to be happy and survive.

Along with that came the reality that I must figure out what to do about Tim. But that'll have to wait because I have two more non-vacation trips to finish before the end of the month. (Yes, I realize there are only 10 days left this month.) So excuse me if my writing is erratic for a bit...

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Clinton said...

Hey welcome back.. for now! While the topic of boys and singlehood is the lifeblood of this blog, glad to hear you got a chance to decompress a bit and clear the mind of such trifles :D