Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meeting Limey

I chatted with Limey by phone for a little over 30 minutes the other night. The e-mail exchanges have been packed with information and conversation. I dialed his number hoping that connection would translate into a robust and fun talk. I'm not sure that it did... it was a decent conversation thought there were several pauses where neither of us knew what to say.

Here's the resulting gray matter chatter after the conversation:

Man, he has a high-pitched, kind of effeminate voice.
You know plenty of good guys who don't have deep voices, do you really want to let that bother you?

He's never been to Europe and he's 33 years old? That just seems so sad. It sounds as if he's never been outside North America. Gosh, I hope he's been abroad somewhere... . My list must have impressed or intimidated him.
He's open to the idea, he wants to go. It's not like he some loser American who just eats McDonalds while there, perpetuates negative stereotypes by being loud and rude, and refuses to speak anything but English.

At times, I felt like I was talking to a kid. Everything from my world seemed so new to him. While he seems smart and active, he seems kind of young. I don't want to be a trainer.
Like you're Miss Manners? At least maybe then he'll be easy to boss around. ;)

We had such a nice exchange of e-mails. Now, I don't feel like as strong a connection. The conversation was so-so. What does this mean? Can we just go back to being e-mail buddies?
Nerves? Maybe it'll be better in person.

I wonder how many women he's juggling right now from online dating. It could be that I'm just a blip on the radar.
All the more reason to just be yourself and not worry about it.

Yes, he's asked me to meet up for coffee this week. We're meeting at a cafe after work (around 7:30pm). So do I eat dinner beforehand or wait and see if he invites me? To complicate matters, I wrote him an e-mail warning him that I might be getting sick and may need to make it a shorter evening.

Sadly, I don't get excited about these date things anymore. How can I when I barely know this guy? There's always this total apprehension in the hours before meeting up with a guy. I'm afraid I'll decide in the first five minutes that I don't want to be there but not leave for an hour to be nice. Ugh.

I know, that's a bad attitude to start with... I just want to go home and sleep off this sore throat...


Anna May Won't said...

my first conversations with potential dates have always been awkward. i think it's hard to judge from that one talk. maybe you were both a little nervous and are just getting the hang of each other's rhythm, etc.

i've never been excited about a first date. either anxious or full of dread. but i try to remind myself that even if it turns out to be nothing, at least i had an interesting conversation (well ideally). and getting dating practice is good too.

you can sleep tomorrow. ;)

Clinton said...

cripes woman. seriously, sometimes it seems like you all to ready to shut things down before anything gets started.

I'd have to agree with anna may; often times that first phone call is the most awkward experience ever. I try to keepit short and sweet, maybe 5 - 15 minutes just to get some light banter going and to set up a casual date.

I'm not sure why you hold it against this guy for having not traveled to Europe. I guess if you guys had chemistry over the phone, you might not be nitpicking as much. Anyway, i hope your coffee date goes well.

Pandax said...

Having not traveled to Europe is more about not having traveled much at all. Obviously, I need to learn more, but the first thought that popped into my head was - what have you been doing with all your vacations these past ten years?

He made it sound like he hasn't been anywhere in his adult life. That just seems odd to me since most of the people I am friends with like to travel.

jayfish said...

the desire to travel is much more important to me than the travelling the person has actually done.

a few excuses: some people don't like to travel alone. some people don't spend their extra money on travel. some people work too hard and don't take vacations.

Pandax said...

Jayfish - I agree these are the most likely excuses. Excuse one is fine, I can understand. However, excuses two and three signal potential frustration and conflict in the future over lifestyle. I have to ask him about his recent vacations the next time the topic comes up.