Thursday, June 03, 2004


We agreed to meet at the bookstore. I got there early so I grabbed a book. I noticed a guy look down the aisle and continue walking. I didn't take a close look at him and kept reading. I figured the guy would come down the aisle. He passed by again a minute later. He wasn't exactly as I remembered. In fact, he was not as tall as I had expected.

We shook hands and headed down the street. He'd already had Indian food for lunch, so we decided to have Thai. He says he's not very picky about food. He just eats. When he cooks it more about making things that are simple and fast like stir fry. Even when I asked about favorite foods, he didn't really have anything to say.

I learned that he has allergies. We were talking a little about home improvements and he mentioned that he put wood flooring down in his bedroom. It seems a little odd to start there rather than in common use areas such as the living room. He indicated it's because of his dust allergies. He's lived in his three-story townhouse for ten years.

We talked about his job and his family. He is the middle child. His younger sister has three boys; the oldest is 7-years-old. I get the impression that he is a perfectionist based on his habits as a kid. He's trying to mellow out but I'm sure it's definitely a strong part of his personality. Back when he was in school I'm sure he was pretty intense. He's probably a bit frugal. I'd be curious to know what kind of car he drives and how he's furnished his apartment. I don't get the impression he travels much. He's accumulated a lot of vacation and seems to only go places to visit others.

What really concerns me is how old he is. Nothing I asked helped me get a sense of how old he is. He never mentioned anything the dated him. He definitely looks older and needed reading glasses on top of his contacts for the menu.

He's very talkative. He's into a lot of science fiction and is clearly the type who thrives on constant discussion. I can't tell how else he spends his time. He says he likes to play games like Scrabble and watch movies. I mentioned my interest in outdoor activities but he didn't match them in any way that I recall. I wonder if his allergies factor into that.

He complimented me on my social skills. In fact, he said that he liked me the most of the women at the event because I was the most articulate. When we parted he said that he would like to take me to a movie sometime. I indicated that I would be interested.

We'll see. I'm lukewarm about it. The age is a big thing. How could I possibly date someone who is older than my boss and my cousin!

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