Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Postponed again

Tan called on Sunday night. We had tentatively agreed to meet up this Thursday for dinner. I felt so bad that I had to cancel because of the apartment move out. I reassured him that I felt bad and was disappointed as well. I explained how important it is for me to be there to insure I get as much of the deposit back as possible. My roommate isn't the cleanest person and I have to put in some extra effort this week. He said he understood.

Alas, I was hoping to reschedule for next week, but he's being sent to South Africa for two weeks. Ouch! We now have a date set for Saturday, July 3rd. Dang that's a long ways away. I do want to meet up with him. We seem to have a good rapport over the phone and from when we met. I don't know how attracted I am to him physically, so I definitely want to see him again in person. My impression was that his face was okay but that his height was a little disappointing (~5' 4"?). Being only 5' 0" myself, it seems very discriminatory to judge guys, but it's what I'm used to and what I prefer.

We chatted a little. He might bring me back some African art piece from his trip. I definitely want to learn more about going there. He also mentioned how he and his friends are trying to plan a trip to Mount Shasta. The generally like to rent a houseboat and do some jetskiing and boating. I didn't say anything but the idea didn't totally appeal to me. His friends just like to sit around and drink. I also don't like the motor sport since it pollutes the water and wastes gasoline. I gave him the impression that me and my friends are a little more outdoors and active.

We also talked about poker briefly. He at first asked if me and my friends had jumped on the hold 'em bandwagon. I assured him that we've been playing poker for years. He, on the other hand, is part of the trendy group that has just started to play. Lately, however, he hasn't had much luck organizing friends as the casual and competitive players don't mix well.

I like him thus far. My prejudices are developing, however, just based on these little things. He reminds me of Rich in that he probably a very social creature with a more party-type social circle. I'm trying to be open-minded.


Well, as luck would have it, we were able to reschedule for this Thursday. I found out that I am not required to clean the apartment since they plan to chrage us $75 for cleaning. I think it's probably worth it to pay the money and use my time for better things.

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