Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Double calls

I've forgotten what it's like to chat on the phone at night.

Tim called me at 9:15pm. He joked on Sunday that he had a very narrow window of time he could call me. He did pretty well. ;)

He kept teasing me about my early bedtime. It's not that bad. Of course he's going to sleep after me and waking up before me. That's pretty rough for someone who's not currently working. Just after getting into the conversation, a call came through on the other line. I didn't recognize the 415 caller. It turned out it was the guy from Albany who I met at the speed dating. I asked if he could call back in a half hour.

I went back to talking with Tim. I can't recall much now, just kind of asking about how our days went. It sounds like he's pretty active with karate and training for his FBI physical test. He also spent some five hours surfing the web while scanning pictures. (Why couldn't Jy have just had her photos put on CD?)

I guess the early stage really is the most fun part of dating. You're really interested in learning about each other. You're curious so you ask a lot of questions. It's sad to think that eventually the excitement all fades.

All I can remember now is the final conversation thread we got into. We started talking about genetics and the protesters up in San Francisco this week. We asked each other about eating genetically modified foods and whether we would employ genetics to enhance our kids. I have a lot of fun talking and laughing with him.

So about 20 minutes later, Tan called. It seems like ages since I met him, but we hit it off from the start. It was all small talk about moving, sheets, and I don't know what else. He was very clear about wanting to see me. Not having any weekends available the rest of June made it a little challenging. Apparently he has a client down in Sunnyvale so at least he's in the vicinity. He said he'll check in with me later this week and we'll try and set up a time next week to meet for dinner. We have a good time talking to each other. It could be something, it could just be each of our business skill natures.

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