Friday, May 21, 2004


We met up in front of the restaurant. I wasn't sure how to greet him, so I gave him a friendly hug. Do you think that was too much?

So we sat at one of the cocktail tables away from the door. We looked at the wine menu and talked with the waitress who was very friendly and seemed excited about wines. She suggested a French wine they had for the evening - $12. HL was interested in the Chilean wine because he had gone down there once a bought several bottles made from the same varietal. We also ordered appetizers since it's tricky to drink on an empty stomach.

Conversation seemed good. He did a lot of traveling before and after b-school. He appreciates Asian art though he seems to like modern decor.

Don't know how attracted I am to him physically. He not fat but his face is a little wide. I must be too used to my taller friends because his height was also a little under what I would like. I'm guessing he was 5'4" or 5'5"? The shortest guy I've dated was 5'7". You wouldn't think two inches or so would make a difference but I do notice.

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