Thursday, June 17, 2004

Movie night

I was at REI when Tim called around 7:30pm. His meeting had been cancelled so he was checking if we could start a little earlier. We agreed to meet at my place around 8pm.

He arrived just after me. My place is still a mess from the move, but I'm okay with him seeing it. He was stunned by the movement of the furniture. He agreed the tv is in a better place, but the couch is a tough one to position.

The first hour was more getting thing settled. First, we debated whether or not to get something to eat. He wasn't feeling that hungry because he had snacked at home before coming over. I was hungry but didn't need a whole meal. So I finally just decided to make some caprice salad.

We worked on transferring the Caribbean photos to his laptop so that he can make copies for Ap and Jy. It didn't take long. He was happy to see that I'm a little computer savvy because apparently the littlest things can take several minutes to explain to some of the people he knows. He always seem to find something amusing about me that pleases him. Of course, I suppose that's how it tends to go when you're learning about someone you think you like.

We talked a little in between parts of the movie. I don't get the sense he's real keen on religion given how he described needing to pray at every meal with his father and stepmother. At another point, he gave me an update on the job situation. He talked with his contact who says that, so far, they have been able to place everyone who requested the Bay Area. They still have not reached their staffing capacity for this region. The only potential reason he may go elsewhere is if there is a specific need for a special talent - i.e. if his computer expertise qualifies him for a specific assignment. I appreciate that he's trying to reassure me he'll be around.

He was very touchy with me as soon as we sat on the couch. He kept his arm around me or held my hand much of the night. As we watched the movie, I got comfortable by draping my legs over his lap. I hadn't thought about the fact that I haven't shaved my legs in a month. He didn't seem to mind. He was trying to find ticklish spots on me. He stroked my legs throughout the movie. I switched positions a couple times, sometimes resting my head on his shoulder. As I got comfortable, my body got warm. I think that tends to happen in general when I'm calm and at rest. He noticed and said he liked that. I could have said that's why I'm nice to have around in the winter (in bed) but I thought that was a little too forward to say.

Lots of random conversations went on. The sexual tension I sense is building. I made some illusion to looking hot and dressing in better clothes than I used to. He asked if I ever show off my belly. I can't remember the particulars, but he was definitely curious about more of my sensual nature. If he only had some idea of how I could let myself go if I wanted. ;) In contrast, we briefly talked about my weight. He was curious about how I went from a full-bodied 122 pounds to my now 102 pound stature. So would he mind if I gained it all back? I alluded to how difficult things were for me last year. He asked if I cried myself to sleep every night. I said it wasn't literally like that, but it was a time full of sadness, anger, and hurt. He tried to understand but had to admit that he's never been in a situation where the relationship got so serious and ended badly. He guessed that by the time his breakups occurred that the feelings had already faded. I wonder if it's better to date someone who's had their heart broken? Does it make them more understanding or more cynical about relationships?

Our faces were very close most of the night. I'm sure there were times he thought about kissing me, but we'd just look at each other. He did kiss me several times on the shoulder or on my head. Finally, towards the end of the movie, he did give me a gentle kiss on the lips. It was brief and we seemed to continue talking as if nothing happened. It seemed a little anti-climatic. After each of the next two kisses, he'd rest his forehead against mine. Nothing was said.

The stubble wasn't too noticeable. It's pretty short right now because he said he shaved Sunday. I asked when I get to see his bare face. He said that he'd shave and take me out for a nice dinner on the upcoming holiday weekend. He suggested that we go to La Fondue. We'll just have to find something to do afterwards. After Saturday, we won't see each other for a week and a half. I definitely want to see him more.

As he prepared to go home, we stood holding each other for a couple minutes. It was a long, nice hug followed by a few more kisses. While we stood there he asked how it's going with the speed dating. I coyly asked, "which one?" I gave him some indication there are several guys with whom I'm talking. His face seemed to kind of go blank. I asked if it bothered him. He had to think for a second. He was very mature in his response. Tim said that he's okay with it. He said that if there's a guy who I decide I like he's happy for me but sad for himself. Then he tried to protect himself a little by suggesting that maybe he should go date some other women. He wasn't really serious though because he didn't sound too confident that he wants to. I did half suggest that he attend a speed dating event next week. His last question was, "can I be jealous?" I smiled and said, "yes." Maybe we should have had a more in depth conversation about this. It was late and I knew that it would not be a short conversation. I guess I thought that we had kind of developed an understanding of the situation but it sounds like we need to have an honest talk. But I do appreciate his attitude, it's the sign of a patient and good heart.

It's weird because he's going at just the right pace no matter how much parts of me want to go faster. For example, every kiss last night was just lips. Sitting where I am now, I can say that it was nice and sweet. I didn't get shivers, it was just nice. Is it just me protecting myself from getting too attached? But there is part of me that night that wanted more. I wanted to make out. I wanted to taste him. For whatever reason, he didn't try anything. On one hand, it drives me nuts to go so slowly, however, I know with my apprehension about getting physically involved with someone I'm still getting to know, this is the wiser route. God, you should have felt how wet I was being in his arms and kissing him. What will happen when I don't see or talk to him for two weeks?

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