Monday, June 28, 2004

Back to technology

I called Tim last night from my hotel room. I had tried twice already and was about to go to sleep. He had returned home only ten minutes before I called. He sounded happy to talk with me. At times, however, he only seemed mildly interested and perhaps a bit unsure of me.

He said that many of his buddies saw him writing the postcard to me. They asked a bunch of questions about the "friend" who had dropped him off at the camp. Probably this whole time they've known him, they've never heard him mention a woman. He told them I was "kind of " his girlfriend. I didn't stop him on that. I figure it's best to wait and discuss that when I get home. He invited me to come with him when the group has a BBQ party in a couple weeks. I'm sure they're curious to meet me and I suppose I can learn a little about him through them. I am curious to meet the people he spends so much time with.

The phone call ended after about a half hour. I know he's said before that he's not particularly into talking over the phone. He let me go to bed and wanted to take his shower.

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