Monday, January 22, 2007

Never practice on the real thing

I'm still experimenting with the new Blogger features. You can see I'm trying to go back through my posts for add tags. I tried to stick to a few main categories at first, but that obviously didn't stick. Going through all these entries is quite time consuming. And, as I create new tags, I realize that I need to go to posts I've already tagged and add more. Argh!

The features seem pretty nice. I converted the template which meant that I lost some old html customizations. It took me awhile to find where they had stored my "classic" template. I was panicking thinking I'd have to try to recreate code that I haven't looked at in two years. That's when I asked myself why I went ahead and converted this when I should have done a test run with my other, smaller blogs. I'd rather lose those than screw up this one. I used to be a programmer, you'd think I'd know to always work on a copy before toying with the production version. Fortunately, I pressed enough buttons to find my old template html. Panic averted, phew!


The weekend was great. I was supposed to spend Friday night at home getting some exercise and reading, but friends planned a last minute get together to play games. Tim picked me up and we headed over to their house. No one else showed until much later, so it ended up being four of us. We played a rather long game with everyone ganging up on Tim because he so often wins these strategy board games. In the end we managed to tie him. Ha!

Then, with some more folks we played a card game. I find if I try too hard, I just get stressed, annoying, and frustrated. Since I'd never played this game before, I just tried things. It seemed like everyone was hording cards for the final rounds of the game. I figured my only chance was to attack early. Surprise, it paid off. I actually won by one point! It really is better to try and have fun rather than win. My competitive nature gets the better of me too often.

Saturday, I went with Tim to pick up his "new" car. He bought a sporty luxury car with a manual transmission. Wow, it was so smooth shifting gears - ahhh. He offered to let me drive it back but I felt he should enjoy his car first.

To celebrate we stopped by college town for some yummy pizza and to pick up an alumni license plate frame for his car. It was fun to walk through campus on such a pleasant afternoon. As a "thank you" for driving his old car home, he to pay for a school t-shirt that I have been eyeing for a couple years .

When we got back to my place, we rented "Cars." It was a cute movie. It was particularly interesting to watch the extras and realize how the story line had been changed but some lines got recycled.

On the dating front, I have been exchanging information with a couple guys now. Nothing interesting to report. Some respond within a couple days, others take a week. I don't know what to do with guys who take a long time to respond and don't write or ask much. How are they expecting us to get to know each other?

I had one person delist me. The guys gave two reason, one "other" and because I had no photo he could see. Okay, that's fine. The second reason seems kind of stupid considering he didn't have a photo either. Hello? Maybe I would have revealed mine if you had one up!


chloe said...

Hmmm...seems Tim shows up a lot in your posts. ; )

Let me say, having your best friend be your life partner is the BEST! I know you've talked about it before, but maybe you should revisit it.

Hee hee. Just a thought!

Pandax said...

Chloe, there are days when I wish it could be, but you'll see when I finish my next post that it's not an option. Thanks for the nice thought.

zerodoll said...

i had written off my now bf b/c he had not responded to my email. sometimes, it's shyness. sometimes, it's being on the road. sometimes, it's being unsure about the online dating thing to some extent. i wouldn't worry too much about slow responses.