Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Always assume they'll run

Tim just rang me at work. The *second* day he drives his "new" car to work, he was hit by another car. He was rather sad. He whined that maybe he should continue to drive his old car for a couple more weeks, but who's to know when these things will happen.

While waiting at a light, he suddenly felt a jolt from behind the car. When he looked back, he saw a guy in a light truck. Tim's best estimate is that he got hit at 5-10 mph. Once the light changed to green, he moved over the to right with the truck guy behind. As he stopped the car, he saw the truck accelerate and take off. He got most of the license plate but isn't sure.

What a coward to pretend to be a good citizen and then run off! People are so bad. I've heard stories like this from other people. One guy even went so far as to pretend to exchange information but gave a fake name and phone number.

And the thing is, the damage is only to the car's bumper (small crumple), but it will probably mean spending over $500 bucks to repair or replace it. It's not worth reporting to the insurance company because it's basically the cost of the deductible. Tim also thinks it's not worth reporting the accident to the police because he doesn't want it to appear on his car's history report. That means the idiot truck driver is going to get away with this. That sucks. What can you do?

I can only hope Karma will get that driver back somehow.

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