Tuesday, June 27, 2006

H2GG: Episode 3

I was distracted trying to complete my vacation blog while watching "How to Get the Guy" last night. Posting pictures to blogs can be time consuming.

The previews for next week appear to give away the outcomes of the various gals' current relationships. There was some comment in a local article or newsclip hinting that the show was successful for one of them. My guess since the last show that if there is one woman who had found her man, I think it's Party Girl.

All the dates seemed like they went well. Nothing struck me as odd other than Michelle's dating staring at her ass. (That must have been a tv edit.) He seemed kind of odd on the first date so I was skeptical. They seemed to be having fun and it was nice to see her get a kiss out of it. Is it really appropriate to ask tell him that she knew he didn't want to date her at first and then ask him about it? Maybe I'd ask later in the relationship, but I don't think I could have been as bold about the second date.

Yoga girl had an amazing Valentine's date. I haven't had a romantic Valentine's in so long that it doesn't mean much to me. He was very impressive with the flowers and gift boxes. Overdone? It looks like one of those whirlwind relationship that burns hot and fast.

You have to wonder how much of the behavior you see during the dates reflect their personality in general. Maybe that's why it's hard for me to judge the dates; I don't know what these women are like at work or among friends. Let's face it, everyone's a little nervous and little more self-conscious on a date. My opinion this week was so-so. Definitely not as exciting as Hell's Kitchen or Treasure Hunters. I suppose I shouldn't complain though. I think they are more realistic and helpful than other dating shows like Elimidate and Blind Date. Gag... .

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zerodoll said...

I also wonder how much the camera influenced behavior. How can you ignore that you're being filmed? I mean, yeah, eveyone puts on their best face for their first few dates and all but this just magnifies it even more.