Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brewing random thoughts

Not going fruit picking is a disappointment easily remedied because I can simply go to the lovely farmers' market, stroll past dozens of yummy stands, and take home a lovely pre-picked basket of goodies. Minimal gas expenses, avoidance of heat and dirt, and a savings of hours of driving all while still getting to eat sweet summer fruit.

Besides, it's more interesting planning my vacation to Yellowstone. :)


I have a dreaded cat issue I really need to take care of. It would seem my neighbor's cat has decided that my upstairs balcony is a good place to leave his droppings - YUCK! So I'm headed down to the local hardware store this weekend for bird netting and I'm going to staple it to the fence and balcony pillars so that those pesky cats can no longer antagonize me (or less at least?). The yard poop was annoying enough but a wood balcony, really now. (Don't get me wrong, I think cats can be very nice, but these guys have turned me into a cranky and mean old lady.


I've been thinking more lately that I need to R E L A X. (Yeah, my friends would laugh at me if they heard this because that sounds like an impossible feat. It's not me.) It's hard because it means consciously breaking many habits and pretending to be someone else. That probably sounds weird and maybe a little wrong, but we'll see. I need to meditate on these items a little more to figure out a strategy.

- Be more mindful of what I say. That is, don't complain about others and don't offer as much personal information about myself. (Kind of the Jennifer Aniston policy.)

- Be positive. (Okay, this is my blog, I'm allowed to complain here... just not in front of people.) Unless it's serious, I need to keep the negativity to myself. It'll require a lot of pretending at first, but perhaps it will be a self-fulfilling thing in the long run if I can keep at it.

- Stop judging people (including myself). (Ooo, that's a hard one.) I can be a very critical person - great for work, but not at home.

- Add new friends. Spend less time with my current friends. Think "what would I do if I had just moved here?

- Listen more, talk less. (Again, that's a tough one considering how much I talk to myself [thinking out loud].)

These aren't for sure yet, just some stuff I've been boucing around in my head. I need to find a good tree to climb and throw away my remote so I meditate on this.


teahouse said...

That's icky that your neighbor's cats are pooping on your balcony. Don't cats have a natural instinct to bury their poop?

I was in the hardware store yesterday, and I saw cat and dog repellent. Maybe you should try that?

Pandax said...

You'd think they prefer that... I'm wondering if maybe this is payback for chasing them out of my yard.

I tried the repellent stuff. Unfortunately, you have to spray it every day, and it's nasty if you accidentally take too strong a whiff of it [gag]. :p

Besides, why should I have to pay a year's supply of repellent when I chose not to have pets?