Tuesday, June 20, 2006

H2GG: Episode 2

So I watched another episode of "How to Get the Guy" last night. I have to say it was at least a little more entertaining this week. The two things that stood out for me were the advice about "have an exit strategy" for online dating and the dating blind experiment they created for the four women.

There's the attorney, Michelle, whom they labeled as the picky one. So far, if I had identify with someone, I'd guess my personality is closest to her (or the least dissimilar) among the bunch. They sat down with her and signed her up for this dating service called Engage.

(And surprise, surprise, the Engage website was jammed all night. How much did they pay to get their name in the show? Because it worked! Funny how quickly people hop online these days. I read up a little on this new company. The site is still in beta mode and the number of profiles is small. The dating model relies on people using their friends as "matchmakers" to serve as a go between to give the other person assistance in determining whether the two people will be a good match. I'm still not sure how well this concept will work. Here's one article I found about it.)

Tim was over because we still need to figure out who owes who what from our Europe trip. I got him hooked on Hell's Kitchen. Sidetracking... he also found the dating blind rather entertaining. The women and their two dates literally were forced to wear blindfolds as they ate dinner. Some of the pairs hit it off very well. In fact, I was surprised at how tactile the introductions got. They fumbled to feed each other appetizers and to drink their wine. It was quite amusing.

Alissa's date with Joey showed the most instant chemistry. I thought the guy looked rather attractive from the side view. Tim commented that he didn't look as good once they showed his full face, and I agreed. They were having a lot of fun together from the clips shown. Joey kept commenting on how great she looked (and we couldn't help think what was really going on in his head - "Wow, she's hot, sex, cute, sexy, yoga, flexible, bed, hot, sex...")

Michelle seemed to be the one woman who struck out that evening. I felt bad for her. She seems like a nice person, but her attitude comes across too strong on dates. The more I watched her interact, the more I worried whether I behave like that. I asked Tim and at first he said, "no, you're problem is more that you interrupt people." But then he paused and added, "well maybe a little." Does this come from being too independent and career-minded?

The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards putting myself out there, even if just as an experiment to improve my social skills rather than find a date. A couple of these dating websites allow you to sign-up for a week free. That might be a good way to get my feet wet.

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Anna May Won't said...

i totally saw my "volume dating" as practice. i'm such a shy and nervous person, but after all the first dates i've been on this year, it's not a big deal to me anymore.

also it's a chance for a potentially interesting conversation, even if nothing results from that one date.