Tuesday, February 13, 2007

V-ideo day

Tim and I like to watch "Lost" together on Wednesdays. (I hate how ABC has messed with it lately.) We used to record it and then watch the video later. But since I have HD, we try to watch it live so that we can enjoy the better picture. I jokingly asked him last night whether we should watch it together this week. At first, he blankly asked me, "why not?"

After a bit of a pause, he said, "oh, because it's Valentine's Day? Why, do you have a date?"

"No, just checking. I didn't know if you were busy," I joked.

"You gonna give me something?"

I thought, "Cookies?"

He continued with our playful banter by asking, "will they be heart-shaped?"

"No," I said. "And do I get something? A yellow rose with pink edges?"


Yeah, it's just another day to us. I told him that maybe I'd go out and eat by myself for dinner. Tim asked if it was a strategy to potentially meet a guy. No, it's my twisted way of taking myself out of my comfort zone and learning to be comfortable with doing things alone. We'll see if I actually go do it. I'm leaning towards ramen or sushi. Yum.

On another note, I spoke to Designer over the phone. He sounded like a decent guy and we had a friendly hour chat. There were a few pauses, but I made sure not to panic and try to fill the dead air with nonsense chit-chat. I've been trying to teach myself that a short pause is better than sticking your foot in your mouth. Besides, it was a great way to make him work at the conversation a little. ;)

He said he'd call me again later this week. I know I should just let things progress naturally, but the analytical part of my mind is starting to wonder how to extract those important bits of information that will help us decide whether there's potential.

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teahouse said...

Heyyy..sounds promising!!