Wednesday, February 07, 2007


It's been six weeks with my "consultant." I was looking over the numbers to get a sense of what kind of progress I've made thus far.

Total number matched with me: 101
Number of men I've deleted: 40
Number of men who have deleted me: 20

Total number who have contacted me or that I have contacted: 13
Total number I'm no longer communicating with: 4
(Reasons: I hadn't responded to him in five days [I logged in three hours after he deleted me] - lame; the overweight guy; I changed my mind; never responded to my e-mail)

Number I've spoken with by phone: 0 (but maybe next week)
Number I've met in person: 0

That's what been going on. I try to go through my roster twice a week. I feel it best not to look every day as I could see myself getting obsessive about it. I like a stress-free, healthy pace.

No one really stands out at this point. Most of the pictures look decent. Some are definitely in the lower height range, but I'm keeping an open mind. Being the practical person I am, I'm also a little concerned about some of their occupations. It could very well be that I make more than some of them and certainly couldn't afford to be a stay at home or part-time mom with those salaries. I hate being so financially conscious of things, but it's the reality of wanting a family.

I've been exchanging e-mails with Designer the longest. He recently suggested that we could chat by phone if I felt comfortable about it. As I walked away from the computer, I wondered about the safety of giving out my phone number. In most cases, it's a harmless thing. How much of a chance is there that I'll give me phone number to some guy that turns psycho on me and forces me to change my number?

These thoughts don't last too long. Keeping the dating thing at arms length has made the process more enjoyable. I have to say it's nice not feeling all crazy in the head with anxiety over what to do about guys. I like my mellow pace and will savor it as long as possible.


chloe said...

I know I'm coming into the conversation a little late but wanted to give my two cents regarding the height issue.

I am 5'2" and I actually prefer to be with men my own size. I'd say that if a guy is over 5'6", I'm not interested. Why? Well, I prefer to be with someone my own size. I don't want to be smashed in someone's armpit when we're cuddling or standing next to each other. And I never wear heels so that's not an issue for me. my experience, short guys make good lovers.

Just giving a different perspective!

Pandax said...

Certainly, I wouldn't want someone outrageously taller than me. I totally agreed that hugging and dancing become awkward at some point.

I think it's all about trade-offs. This may sound bad, but if I date someone shorter than I guess, to a small degree, I might expect a little more in terms of attractiveness (to me), intelligence, financial stability, etc. It's all subjective. After all, love is blind to some extent once you get to know a person a see their true worth.

Anonymous Writer said...

Just wading in on the phone issue...I don't mind giving out my cell number because it shows call display. If I don't recognize the number, I simply don't answer and let voicemail pick up. I then call back if I want to.

I don't like giving out my home phone, though.