Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our take away

If you remember back a few months ago, I was researching the ideal wedding favor. I came up with something that spoke to our travel interests and doubled as a table card - luggage tags.

Unfortunately, the tags I thought I wanted were a bit outside of the budget. Most people I know budget less than $2 per favor, but I'm willing to go as high as $3 if I really like what I find. Now that I've revisited the task, I've found some appealing options. (I also wanted to share in case someone else is interested as it's hard to find well-priced, good choices.)

1) Two-tone leatherette tags: Tim tends to prefer these. I think it the design probably appeals to the males better. It's not the greatest material but it doesn't look like it will immediately fall apart. ($2.52/each + optional printing)

2) Color luggage tags: I like the idea of selecting tags that complement our colors - burgundy and gold (brown or tan). I'm waiting for the samples to arrive to see if I like the quality of the leather. (ranges $2.15 to $2.55 each)

Honestly, I like them both. I've been trying to picture how they will looks set up on the reception table. The luggage strap allows for the tags to sit upright so people will find their names. Either way, I think it'll look awesome. I just need to figure out which color scheme I prefer. I figure I have another week or so to make up my mind.

On a funny note, remember the Crate & Barrel tags that originally inspired the whole idea? Within two weeks I happened to visit four different stores last month. Someone seems to have bought out all the neon green luggage tags at the those stores. How much do you want to bet they'll appear at some one's wedding some time soon?


teahouse said...

Instead of wedding favors, we opted to donate money to charity in the names of the guests at each table. Then we printed up a nice card informing them of it, and we chose charities based on the people at the table.

I thought it would be nice, but I was completely unprepared for the overwhelmingly positive response we got. It felt really good!

Pandax said...

THB, I considered the donation route since Tim and I love the outdoors. The Nature Conservancy and WWF would be my preferred choices. The other idea I had was to use the money to buy carbon offsets.

The tags, I think, are a decent compromise. They have utility, so it's (hopefully) not something that will collect dust or get tossed like candles, engraved candy containers, or silver-plated animals. I'm still considering doing somethine in addition to the luggage tags. We'll see.

zerodoll said...

just a quick input, if you go with the tags, i'm not sure people will want to use them if they are emblazoned with your names/wedding date. plain would be better.