Friday, May 09, 2008

Cheap and creative don't always go together

Based on my postings of late, you might think all I do is think about wedding stuff. It's really not all that's going on, but certainly it tends to be the most interesting things going on in my life. I apologize for anyone who doesn't want to hear it.

Tim and I have been thinking about the wedding favors here and there. It's not something that needs to be done right away, but it's definitely one of the more fun tasks on our list. Since our theme is adventure given all the vacations and camping trips we've taken, I had been racking my brain for something relevant, affordable, and somewhat practical (because that's how I work).

I've been to plenty of parties where I've received something that just ends up collecting dust on a bookshelf or in a drawer. Food treats such as chocolate and moon cakes are always an option, but I wanted something more unique.

To complicate matters, I set my hopes on finding something that would not only serve as a favor gift, but an object that could serve as the name card for the reception. Pku used these cute sliver fortune cookies that held our name cards, but obviously we didn't want to copy that.

Next, I thought it would be fun to find miniature gift boxes in the shape of suitcases. The paper boxes are 50 cents each and a little candy goes a long way. That way I could label the name on the outside and put a treat on the inside. For a little more, I actually found these great aluminum cases that have wheels and a handle so as to look like roll-on luggage. Tim thought they were nice but wasn't thrilled with the candy idea. I'm sure he'd go with it if it was the best choice we could find.

My next idea was giving luggage tags. First, they could be laid out as the place cards easily (or hang from a tree branch for a great effect). And then, people could take them home and use them. We wouldn't engrave them with anything silly like our wedding date. Unfortunately, finding tags that won't crack or fall apart after a few uses is pretty difficult. We've budgeted for about $3 per favor and that doesn't buy you much other than cheap plastic tags. The nice leather ones (other than black) run $8 and up which is way too much for a favor.

I came across some cute silver dolphins that function that same way as Pku's favor. Tim liked them right away. We both fret about the fact that no one but us would understand why we chose dolphin favors (we saw Hector's dolphins in southern New Zealand). They are pretty and can be reused as a paper weight or picture holder. It's not perfect, but they're $2 each and nice.

Then I happened to be at Crate & Barrel the other day. On a desk display, they had a bowl full of colorful, faux leather tags that would be perfect. Each tag is $3.95. That go me wondering whether I could find these same tags for less online. Alas, I've only found them one other place for $6 each.

What do you suppose the chance are I can pick them up for less come August when the stores are stuck with dozens unsold and move them to the outlet store? ;)


Anna May Won't said...

i LOVE the luggage tag idea! it's a triple threat: placecard, favor, and useful travel item. you'll think i'm a busy body but i found this site with cheaper luggage tags:

there seem to be a few that are $3.

good luck!

Sitcomgirl said...

I love that idea as well! If you don't find ones you like cheaper, wait and see if they end up at the outlet store, and keep the dolphins in mind as a back up idea?

Pandax said...

Anna, that's awesome! Thanks. I hope to test out one before committing to buying 100 of them. It seems silly, however, to pay $7 shipping for a $3 item. Fortunately, it turns out they appear to be located near my parents. I'm thinking about asking my mom to go down and check them out.