Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Head Scratch

My mother-in-law to be asked if my mom should be extended an invitation to my bridal shower. Keep in mind that my mother is some 500 miles away. She thought it would be a good way to make her feel included, meet the in-laws, and have her involved more in my wedding plans. I agreed and she called my mom last week about it.

I was surprised this morning to see this e-mail from my dad to my brother [and me]:

"MIL called asking mom to go to the bridal shower. We need to attend a wedding for a friend's son that day. All we need is for one of us to go to the wedding. Since mom doesn't like to travel alone, I'll go to the shower, and she can go to the wedding. While up there, I can also meet MIL, see the hotel and the wedding ceremony location, and also see some model homes with you. I'll arrive in the morning and leave in the evening. I won't stay overnight. Just want to make sure that you will be free that day to drive me around."

Huh? It's hard not to laugh after reading this. It just sounds ridiculous. I immediately called Tim to ask exactly what his mom discussed with my mom. When I read the e-mail to him, he just laughed. Where do parents come up with these decisions?

My dad did later write and acknowledge that him coming by the shower would be odd but he only meant to stop briefly to meet my mother-in-law and drop off a few gifts. (Gifts? From who?)

I have to give kudos to my mother-in-law. She is wonderfully kind and thoughtful. I'm lucky to have her. I'm glad that at least some of our parents will meet before the wedding.


mini said...

i went to a bridal shower recently where the two dads were explicitly, and exclusively invited. The rest of the attendees were female. I think they ended up having a great time, keeping each other company while humoring all of us women. And they were really happy to have been a part of the earlier, more intimate celebration.

maybe MIL can invite FIL as well so the two dads can bond? (I apologize if FIL has passed away or cannot attend for an equally sensitive reason)

Pandax said...

Thanks Mini, that's good to know. I guess I'll give him the option. It's just tough to imagine my dad enjoying watching us girls be silly and looking at lingerie. ;)

Since he's only visiting for 30 hours, it's a bit far of a drive (35 miles from my place to the shower) given he also will need to spend some of his time with my brother. I think he thought everything was within 10 miles of each other.