Friday, April 11, 2008

On to the next chapter

Whoops, wow I didn't realize it's been two weeks since my last post. But not to fear, I plan to catch you all up in the coming week.

Today is a big day because in a few hours, I will no longer have this computer. It's my last day at my job and I'll be checking out with HR soon. I've been wrapping up all sorts of little projects and administrative things. I've also done my best to transition my work to people on the opposite coast who, frankly, probably don't really care much about my stuff and are likely hoping to pass it off on someone else.

People here at work will be dropping like flies in the coming weeks and months. Already there is another person leaving next month. My counterpart is looking at his options to get out of here sooner than later. Our temporary big boss will be out of here by the end of May. Everyone else is shoring up their resumes and networking. It's time to abandon ship.

I'm all smiles today because I know I will have the next week off. There's plenty of wedding stuff to do but the bigger stuff is already out of the way. Next week will be floral and cake related. In the meantime, we're going to have an awesome going away lunch for me and the person leaving nextr Friday. Then tonight, Tim is going to take me on a "date" to celebrate my next job and birthday! Ah, spring time!


mini said...

Tim's cute :) Keep us posted as your start your new job, and have fun on your week off!

Anna May Won't said...

congrats on the new job and happy birthday!

Sitcomgirl said...

Happy birthday and yeay for last day at work!