Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All about me

As I mentioned, my birthday just passed. Since we could celebrate on my birthday, Tim took me out for a nice dinner the night before. Other than some loving acknowledgement of my birthday throughout the day at the wedding, I didn't get anything else related to my birthday.

I whine a little towards the end of the night because I realized that Tim had not given me neither a card nor a gift. I was a little hurt. It didn't have to be some grand gesture, certainly I consider the engagement ring to be his "big" purchase of the year. Still, a small, token gift seemed appropriate to me. I told him of my disappointment and hurt feelings. I couldn't understand why he had done nothing.

In his usual fashion, he shrugged it off as nothing. You have to remember that nothing rattles him be it work deadlines or emergency situations. Sometimes his calm disposition can be frustrating.

When I whined and complained enough, Tim's comment was, "you're going to ruin everything."

His comment made me wonder what he could possibly be talking about. When he observed my confused look, he added, "we going to have that nice dinner with your brother next Friday." (My brother's birthday is close to mine so we decided to taste a more upscale experience.

So does that mean he's holding something back? Or is he counting on paying for my meal this week as my gift?

Since we haven't ever actually been "together" during my birthday I really wanted something special. In the past few years, we've simply been friends during the time of my birthday. While he's always done something fun and unique (treasure hunts leading to books or music), I guess I was thinking he'd make this a more memorable "first" birthday with me. Why didn't he think it important to at least give me a card or a little gift on my actual birthday? Am I being a spoiled brat or is it fair that I feel somewhat cheated in my birthday expectations?

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zerodoll said...

i did the same thing on one of my birthdays. j took me to a wonderful dinner but didn't give me even a card. i don't expect gifts, we just don't do that for "occasions," but a card is cheap and the sentiment inside is what i was looking for. i felt silly and whiny but i think it also set up that that's what my expectation was for future years. it does actually sound like he might have something planned though, from what his comment was.