Monday, December 03, 2007

Is this work-related?

On Thursday, my boss commented that he wanted to talk to me after lunch. After lunch, however, he was not around and his calendar was empty. Our admin, Cheetah, assumed that he had left for the day given that his computer was gone and no personal items like car keys or blackberry was laying around. I left around 4:30pm.

This morning, I come into my office to find a post-it note clinging to the edge of my monitor. In his thin scribble, my boss had written:

"Sorry I missed you. I'll be in touch."

It was kind of a given that everyone took Friday off because of a computer outage. His office door was ajar this morning, giving me the impression he was here. But no one has seen him and Cheetah took the day off. That tells me she knew he was not planning to come in. So when did he leave this message? Why did he leave this message? Leaving a note is somewhat unusual for him in my book. But I do appreciate that he did mean to talk with me. What's with the "I'll be in touch" part?

I'm suspicious of this because we all know he will be leaving the company at the end of the year. We also all suspect he's double dipping right now. He's probably spending several days each week working for the other company already as there's not much to do around here as we await layoffs. Does this mean he's not coming back to the office for awhile. It would have been nice if he'd tell us this. It's not just me in the office here.

Cheetah implied that it was nothing to worry about, yet she couldn't tell me what it was about. Later, she did say that she knows he needs to hire some people at his new company. Could it be he wants to suggested I could come interview there should I get laid off? But is that appropriate to say while we're both still working here?

Eh, whatever. It's probably nothing other than that he won't be in the office for awhile. It's just really weird sitting around without someone at the helm. I really do need to finish my resume though... .

Minor note: Oh the irony, our last company sponsored auditorium movie is "The Hoax."

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