Thursday, August 23, 2007

What does this mean?

Sale? The two words don't seem to have any relationship to each other. And yet... I look up one of my deal finding site and scroll down much farther than I normally would to find this:

*************************************************** 72-hour sale: Up to 88% off membership fees

Online dating service takes up to 88% off its membership fees via this
link. For example, get 6 months for $4.25/month, or $25.50 total. It's the best membership deal we've seen from Discount ends August 25.
Hotness: hotness: 3/5
Posted 7 hrs, 21 mins ago

I'm still trying to believe this. It's like skipping one latte and scone per month. What could motivate them to offer this? Was this meant to be a special deal for a select group of people. Is this the slow time of the year for dating? Did they know it would end up on the Internet for everyone to take advantage of?

Seriously, I post this for all you readers that might want to give it a go and share your adventures on your blog for me to read. ;)

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