Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sorry, my interpreter is not here

This is another one of those examples of me failing to take things at face value, reading too much into things, or general cluelessness.

I stopped by the library after work yesterday to return some books. I happened to spot a space directly in front of the building entrance. Remembering the fine parallel parking lessons given to me by Mr. R (who was also our math teacher), I pulled forward to line myself up with the car ahead of my space.

As I was backing in, I noticed a guy crossing the street. He stopped just before passing in front of me to look back at his car, pointing his key fob back towards his car. I didn't think much of it other than, "he must have forgotten to lock his car."

Just about when half my car has passed the left corner of the front car, I turned my wheel counterclockwise to begin straightening into the parking space. My eyes moved up to the rear view mirror to see how close I was to the minivan behind me.

Momentarily distracted by the fact I was a tad too far away from the curb, I stopped to realize that it looked like I was about the hit the minivan. After driving a sedan for ten years having rear cargo space is tough to adjust to because I tend to think I'm closer to objects than I actually am. I don't think I hit the minivan.

I tried to move myself in closer to the curb but gave up after one attempt. My stop would probably be less than 10 minutes so why fret over a parking job that few people would notice.

To take advantage of the warm weather, I was dressed in a deep blue, ruched shirt that picked up the blue circles in my geranium pink and yellow skirt. I walked in and headed straight for the return slots. As I turned to my left, I quickly noticed a guy waiting in the circulation line. He seemed to be glancing at me.

Once I had dropped off my books, I walked around the circulation to find a book. As I passed the line, I realized the guy at the front of the line was the guy who had crossed the street earlier. He was probably in his 30s, dark-skinned (probably Indian), and wearing his sunglasses. He appeared to be having a friendly conversation with a slightly older woman behind him.

When I walked within 10 feet, he looked towards me (so I assume since he was wearing dark sunglasses) and commented, "nice parking job" in a lovely British accent.

I had no idea what to think of his comment. I simply put on a big smile and walked past the two of them. There was no sarcasm in his voice, he seemed perfectly normal. And yet, I wasn't sure why he was talking to me. My typical reaction is to think that somehow I'm being teased or made fun of. (Such is my reaction from many elementary years of playmate teasing.)

As I walked out of the library, I thought about the situation. Was he making fun? Did I almost bump him while I was trying to park? Was he simply being friendly? Was he trying to hit on me because I looked cute?

What should I have said or done?

I hopped in my car and got ready to leave. I couldn't help look over to where I thought he came from and saw a shiny, black Audi TT parked with generous spacing between it and the cars sandwiching it. The rim of the alloy wheel looked scratch from curb scrapes.


Anonymous said...

I think he was being sarcastic, or maybe he thought you were cute and decided to say something as a compliment.


PS: Wish you wrote more often.

teahouse said...

Hahahaha..he clearly had parallel park envy!!

I used to date a cute Indian guy. But he drove a BMW.